Water Wonderland Adventures: Free Water Ski Shows in Winter Haven!

Autumn has settled in! But as the leaves fall, Winter Haven’s shores will come alive with the breathtaking spectacles of the Cypress Gardens Water Ski Team!

September 16th

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October 21st

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October 28th

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There is always something to do!

Once a part of the renowned Cypress Gardens Theme Park, this team was born from a deep-seated passion for water skiing and a desire to pass on their legacy to the next generation. With over 50 world records shattered and a reputation that spanned the globe as the “Water Ski Capital of the World,” this team definitely knows how to make waves!

  • September 16th
  • October 21st
  • October 28th

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to witness world-class show skiing and be part of a legacy that has been entertaining audiences for over 80 years!

Tickets are free, so there’s no excuse not to come. Want to know more? Tap here.




Photo provided by cypressgardensskiteam.com

Cypress Event

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